For Sale, 2006 Ford E350, Quigley 4x4, 5.4L 170k miles

Upgraded Supsension by Colorado Campervan

Tuned Fox Shocks

Firm $25k

Located in KY

Serious inquiries only

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V.A.N. aka 'Decepticon'

For Sale, 2006 Ford E350 Quigley 4x4

Quigley 4x4
Solid Maple, cherry plywood rear cabinets
Side View of Kitchen
Fridge slide out
Kitchen Slide out
1000w Inverter w/ 200Ah AGM batteries
Cubby, most fit "milk crates" for easy packing
Folding Bench Seat/bed.
Puck Locks, side and back doors
Kitchen Cupboard
Cooper Discovery 315/70 R17

After years of scheduled maintenance, mostly cross country highway driving, and love, im selling my 06 van. I purchsed it in 06 from the first owner with only 2k miles. It shows signs of wear, "kentucky pinstripes" aka, brush scratches but with the regualr maintence, no engine issues at all. Oil changed at 3k miles every time.

Front suspension, ball joints, tie rods replaced, upgraded and maintained with greese and antiseize.

Fully insulated (less rear doors), with PolyIso, and installation pictures can be suppplied on request for searious inquiries.

100Ah AGM, frame mounted, battery. Truck Fridge fridge, 1000w Zantrex invertor, rear bumber plugin allowing the van to be plugged in to shore power. Two wall outlets, one connected to the invertor, the other, bypassed to the shore power. 120v breaker box installed.

I think it has a Dana 60 front axle, but all records are with Quigley. I had Colorado Camper Vans upgrade the suspension at 100k miles, and raise it to additional inches for a nicer ride. Included in this is upgrad was Quigley specific, tuned Fox shocks, and upgraded arms and rear springs.